Boat Slips and Trailer Storage

SYC Boat Slips & Trailer Storage Information

SYC currently offers over-water and on-land slips for your boat/trailer at the following monthly rates:

  • Over-Water Covered (Large 15’x35’) – $100
  • Over-Water Covered (Regular 12’x26) – $70
  • Over-Water Uncovered – $40
  • Parking Lot Uncovered – $25
  • Grass Area Uncovered – $17.50

The rental fee is for the space provided.  Any improvements within the space (decking, lifts, electric motors, boat cradles, etc.) are the property of the slip renter and are maintained by the slip renter.  Upon termination of the rental agreement, the slip renter must either remove his/her property, transfer/sell his/her property, or donate it to the club.

The club is responsible for the walkways on each pier, bringing electricity to each slip, bringing water near each slip, and the structural pilings supporting each slip.  Members may anchor their decking to the club’s structural pilings but are responsible for maintaining any pilings they add specifically to support their decking.

Members or Prospective Members should see the Club Office Staff for available slips.  The staff and Harbormaster maintain member waiting lists for slips if the type/size you require is not available.  The Club By-laws and Policies & Procedures contain more information on this subject.

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